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Komodo best tour agent company arrange Komodo island tour , Rinca island tour , Komodo=Rinca island tour by Cruise boat tour , Speed boat the Faster boat tour to visit around Komodo national park island from Labuan bajo Harbor , Flores island and also daily tour from Bali island and Aso Komodo-Flores island tour , Flores-Komodo island tour anf Flores island tour . We offer combine tour to visit Komodo national park island and Flores island .

Komodo Island Tour

Komodo dragon island tour visit Komodo and Rinca island by one day tour visit and more then one day over night tour   use Speed boat , cabin boat , and non cabin boat  for the tour Facilities .2D1N Speed boat Rinca tour  2D1N Speed boat komodo tourKomodo national park is home of wild life of READ MORE DETAIL



Gallery foto (15)Komodo dragon last dino sourus generation animals around the world on Komodo island and Rinca island of Komodo national park island . Marine park under water are amazing with more then thaousend of fishes can be faund by Dive and snorkeling here .and also there are many dive location arround Komodo national park island whice are every dive site has defferent object to see on your diving ,most the dive shop make 2 dive on every place to show more under water marine life object. To do dive arround Komodo national park island need spend more 5 days to discover more    READ MORE


Flores web rice fieldIs the main big island near Komodo national park and also accommodation for Komodo national park tour hotel service include on your tour package , Komodo national park tour from bali air port Ngura ray international air port. and also the air port in eastern part of Flores island : Maumere airport and Ende airport for   but can be more then 4days 4 nights tour to visit more tourist object arround Komodo national park .in west flores is the town of Labuan bajo and the air port for visitors come on object around Flores island and 17 island of Riung island and Traditional villages , Volcano mountain trekking , Rice web rice field and hotspring come from volcano mountain In Flores island .Flores island is the uniqe island , about people living,nature ,Flores people Cultures, Tradition on every etnic because there are 5 big etnic people in Flores include 5 local Language people speak in Flores that the reason why most people in Flores use Bahasa to comunication to an other people can be say second



The island near Bali island for traditional villages ,Rinjani trekking tour  and Gilis island Diving ,snorkeling and relaxing on white sandy beaches . to be there just take 25 minute flights to Lombok airport then go direct on the tour ,see the villages and Lomboknes people .speedboatcruise from benoa bali direct to Gilis isl Senggigi beach hotel area in west Lombok island. there are sea trip service are available to visit Komodo national park tour from Gilis island with  2 kind of tour option : Cabine boat cruise tour and Non Cabin boat cruise tour to komodo national park .Gilis island include gili air ,gili Trawangan , gili Meno are the to do Snorkeling and dayli diving trip from your bungalows accommodation but relaxing and swimming  , snorkeling are evailable on the beach in front of  your hotel staying here is free activities any time READ MORE DETAIL


Bali island the paradise island In Indonesia with Hindu relegion , culture,and tradition , uniqe Dance and Balines stories . Nice beach around bali ,Rafting ,Snorkeling and diving on Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida island. to do the tour around Bali can be do Half day tour to visit the temples around Bali island and monkey forest and Rice field in Terasering READ MORE DETAIL

Sulawesi island tour visit Toraja village , Bunaken island for Diving , snorkeling ,Beach island Hotel and Wakatoby diving cruise . all tour starting from Bali airport and can be direct flight From an other island and city around Indonesia : Jakarta , jogyakarta  air prot in every day deparute and our tour agent arrange the tour from any place you wont to do start the tour in enevy day departure . we do patner to local tour guide in every tourist object around Indonesia they are stand by on every tour destination to pick you up to the airport and go on the tour until finish and back to your READ MORE DETAIL



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